4 Point Chronic Pain Assessment

Find Out Why You Hurt...

(and say goodbye to chronic pain it for good!)

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4 Point Chronic Pain Assessment™ Dr. Alex Casey, DC, BCN

Everyone feels pain differently, so our assessment is geared to locate the root cause of your pain. We don't just want to cover the pain up, our 4 Point Chronic Pain Assessment is designed to find out exactly what's causing your pain, so we can find the best way to aid in your bodies natural healing.

Friendly Experts

Our team is super friendly and knows a lot about pain, and how difficult life can be living with chronic pain. They're like pain detectives who really care about making you feel better!

A Complete Check-Up: We look at four important things to understand your pain:

How You Move: Checking if the way you walk or move is causing pain.

Your Nerves: Seeing if something is bothering your nerves.

Your Daily Life: Looking at your habits, like how you sit or what you eat, to see if they're making the pain worse.

A Plan Just for You: Figuring out the best ways to help you feel better, and start healing.

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Who Should Consider This Evaluation?

Anyone Who Is Limited Or Does Not Enjoy Every Day Life Because Of Chronic Pain, Always Feeling Tired Or Consistently Feels Like Your Not Yourself...