Is your clinic looking for chiropractic services to help your patients with their health needs?

At Birmingham Health, we are seeking to work closely with some of the premier medical physicians near our chiropractic clinic in Birmingham, AL. Our marketing and advertising generate cases each month. Many of times, our new patients we that help out of pain have additional needs we’d like to co-manage. We are looking for help in various areas nearby our clinic.

Our non-surgical, non-narcotic approach to pain has provided a great deal of relief to patients who cannot take medication or undergo surgical procedures due to their health conditions. Our goal is to help them obtain a high quality of life once again.

Are you a physician who wants to refer a patient, please call our front desk 205-385-9999

Other Professional Services

  • Complimentary Medical Team Educational Workshop
  • Second Opinions
  • Utilization Review
  • Biomechanical Analysis
  • File Review


For your insurance carrier to participate, they require that your care be “medically necessary”. That means:
1.  Your treatments must relate to your particular health complaint.
2. Your treatments must hold the promise of making functional improvements and
3.  You faithfully follow your doctor’s treatment plan.


The number of treatments covered by each health insurance policy varies. It depends upon the severity of your condition. Sometimes, more visits will be needed than what your policy covers. If continued care seems promising to you (but not to your carrier), you will be encouraged to pay for it yourself. We’ll work with you to help make it affordable.


Instead of judging your progress by how you feel, your insurance carrier expects to see improved function. That means a restored ability to turn, bend, walk, sleep, or perform, activities of daily living.


Most insurance policies don’t pay for care designed to maintain your progress or help prevent future problems. This preventative care, similar to brushing and flossing your teeth, may help avoid future problems. That’s why many of our patients wisely choose to pay for such care themselves. It helps them to stay well and avoid a relapse.