Digital X Ray For Chiropractic Care

Digital X-rays can enhance your chiropractic experience!

If you experience joint, spine, neck, and back pain, you’re probably familiar with visits to your Hoover or Birmingham, AL, chiropractor. Like most people, your daily quality of life depends on being pain-free and flexible. Let Dr. Alex Casey and the team at Birmingham Health help you feel and move better with their innovative Digital X-Ray procedure.


What are digital X-rays?

X-rays use electromagnetic waves to penetrate soft tissue and allow photographs of your bones, joints, and the pathways between them. Your Hoover chiropractor will examine these photos to determine the alignment of your spine and position of the surrounding bones. This information allows them to treat your specific condition.

Digital X-rays use electronic images instead of traditional film plates. The images are captured and translated immediately, allowing prompt use by your physician.

Why do I need digital X-rays from my chiropractor?

There are several benefits to having this procedure safely and easily performed in your Hoover chiropractor’s office. A quick digital x-ray can reveal inflammation and joint damage, as well as problems in the neck and spinal area. Your treatment can be determined without having to take trips to the hospital for imaging, then back to Dr. Casey’s office for analysis.

You have specific needs, best treated by creating a care plan to get you moving freely, without pain. Let the professional team at Birmingham Health, led by Dr. Alex Casey, use our leading-edge digital x-ray technology to help you live your most productive life. Give us a call or submit our online form for more information or to schedule your appointment.

How does my Hoover Chiropractor use digital X-rays?

Digital X-rays are used in the same manner as traditional ones – however, they show a more precise image, allowing for misalignments to be spotted more easily. Digital X-rays for chiropractic patients may reveal undiscovered spine or neck issues, allowing for a more complete treatment. They’re also easier to share results and explain your custom health plan. You may even take your X-rays with you, on the digital CD provided by Dr. Casey’s Birmingham Health office.

Safety: Digital X-rays reduce radiation exposure by up to 90 % compared to traditional X-rays

Quality: The digital format allows your Hoover chiropractor to enhance your results to find minute misalignments – and treat them

Green Treatment: Digital X-rays are much more environmentally friendly. They don’t require the water to process nor produce the waste that traditional X-rays do

Portable: Digital records can be easily transferred and taken home by you, without having to submit a request to your Birmingham chiropractor


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